Learn to manage and deploy your systems

Operating Systems are the core of all platform. A good knowledge of the standard and the different principles are needed to deploy them and use them day to day. Here the different training I can offer you.

Linux Operating Systems

Debian is a community oriented operating systems highly used in many environment.

RHEL was made by Red Hat and offers a long support for all your application.

CentOS is an fully open source fork of RHEL, highly compatible with it, and offers the same advantages.

Proxmox was designed to offer an open-source alternative to VMware and other big virtualization companies.

AlpineLinux and VoidLinux are lightweight distributions made by the community to offer an optimized and secure platform for all your project.

BSD Operating Systems

FreeBSD was designed to be performant and offers many features for real industrial application usage.

OpenBSD was designed to be secure and offers a good platform for you security needs.

NetBSD was designed to be portable and offers a highly optimized OS for any kind of platforms.

DragonFlyBSD was designed to be clusterized and offers a performant and practical platform for specific clusterized application.

Virtualization, Containers and Cloud Technology

Here a small list of technologies used during training:

  • FreeBSD/bhyve

  • FreeBSD/jails

  • OpenBSD/vmm

  • NetBSD/xen

  • NetBSD/rump

  • Linux/QEMU/KVM

  • Linux/LxC

  • Linux/Docker